Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do'in Time

Hello friends and fellow Art Bloggers!
Just wanted to let you know that summer has officially begun! Break out your oversized shorts, you wallet chains, and start blasting some REEL BIG FISH on your stereo and get out there in this nice weather and DRAW !!! (Well, that's what I'm gonna do anyway)
I'm gonna start posting more pencil art and sketches very soon ... (I don't want to post a lot of my finished work until some of those projects are ready/copyrighted/all mine) but I want to keep this site updated and hopefully - influential to people who are into this kind of art :-)
Also, we are WELL OVER 500 HITS! And no, that's not just me viewing my own webpage over and over again. So THANK YOU all for viewing "Whatever Jake Makes" when you find the time to do so!

Happy Summering!

-Jacob G.

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